I have been communicating with animals for as long as I can remember. But it wasn't until I began needle felting animals, a few years ago, that I realized just how deep the communication goes. As an artist, I created sculptures of animals, beginning with dogs. I was commissioned to do several deceased pets, while the pictures that I was receiving to work with, were not clear. I finally decided to connect with those deceased animals, so that I could create the best sculpture of them, that I possibly could. It was at that time, I realized I had a special gift, to be able to communicate with deceased animals, as well as those here on Earth. I continued to only use this gift in my art, and I was informed by clients that the art pieces were encompassed with healing energy. I knew that creating this form of art, was healing me, but I had no clue that my clients would feel it, as well. I continued on this path with the art, moving on to creating other pets and wildlife. When I would attach the heads of these animals, I would feel a jolt of energy go right through my body, and would be in tears. I would feel as though the animals were coming alive in my hands. I was amazed at what was happening to me, but not quite ready to admit this, only to few close friends. I now understand, this was bringing me closer to the gift that I had always known that I possessed, but never acknowledged, to myself.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I recently did a reading, with some special Crows, that visit this client regularly, and here is her testimonial!
Wow wow WOW!!! How awesome is that??? And how AMAZING are you?!?!
I'm just sitting here taking it all in...& am so MOVED! 
I am so glad we connected! The reading you did for me sent a surge of energy through me in reading it! WOW! 
And you have validated everything I have sensed with the crows as I sit and enjoy their presence. I always get such a THRILL when I see or hear them. I run, like a kid, outside to BE with them for as long as they'll stay n visit.
I really don't know how to express my gratitude! 
Am transmitting it...along with LOVE...
Hope you can FEEL it!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Often, I send healing energy to the animals that I communicate with, if desired by my clients. This is just one testimonial that I received, of a beautiful experience I recently had, sending energy to a beautiful dog that was limping.
I can personally say that the Reiki Healing worked for my beloved Otis! He was limping on and off for months and the vet wanted to x-ray.... Karen sent healing energy to Otis and communicated to him that if his leg hurts he should rest. For several days after the session, Otis would simply... rest. He has never limped after Karen's session with him., I am amazed!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lucy is not just another pet, she is another member of our family.  She gets special treatment and treats, just like our three year old daughter.  When we first brought Lucy home, we crated her. This was a fight and struggle every day and broke our hearts when she cried. We decided to let her have free range while we were away.  After Lucy started to chew on toys and furniture, I emailed Karen! Since we were going to have to crate her again, I asked Karen to let Lucy know it was for her own safety. I also asked Karen to tell her that this will always be her “forever” home.
The first day of Lucy being in the crate, Karen spoke with her and sent her Reiki energy.
When I read the email of the conversation, I cried.
Karen was able to tell that Lucy was a rescue dog and that she was worried we wouldn’t be back her for. Karen told her everything that I asked her to tell Lucy. Since then Lucy doesn’t put up much of a fight when its time for us to leave. And she doesn’t make a sound!! What blew me away was that Lucy told Karen to ask about “Snow cones”!!
Last summer, we gave Lucy Frosty Paws. Ice cream just for dogs! The first time we did this, our daughter had to sit under the table with Lucy to eat her ice cream too! The day Karen spoke with Lucy, was also the one year anniversary of Lucy’s adoption. We all celebrated with ice cream!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I recently connected with this beautiful horse, that is at Rainbow Bridge. He told me some helpful little hints, for his mom, so she would know it was really him! I love being able to share with these beautiful animals, to bring peace to their owners, knowing that they are still with them~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Karen recently connected with my sweet little Gigi who crossed The Rainbow Bridge on 4/1/11. When Karen asked me if I owned a pink sweater I thought, "WTH?!" and then I remembered that I DO in fact own a soft fuzzy pink sweater that I used to love wearing but it shrunk a bit from washing so I haven't worn it much lately. Gigi told Karen that she LOVES my pink sweater. When I went to bed that night, that pink sweater was sitting in a pile of clean clothes, neatly folded up and right on TOP of the pile, next to the bed, right by my pillow. And, Gigi told Karen "think pink". Karen asked if that meant anything to me and I had to laugh because we always say "think pink" when one of our female llamas is about to give birth to her baby. It means we're hoping for a little girl. It was so very comforting to hear from my little Gigi girl and know that she is still here with me and that she is doing fine. Thank you, Karen, for giving this wonderful gift to me! Much love, light and many blessings.
 PS - Last night when I was telling Jim about the reading, he reminded me that he used to always say to me when I wore that pink sweater "I love that pink sweater on you." Gigi remembered that!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

While I was sitting at the vet today, I saw this really strong Bulldog standing there. I was in awe of his apparent strength, and I silently told him that I communicate with animals. I quickly received a message that he loves riding skateboards! Having seen the Bulldog on TV that loved riding skateboards, I thought maybe it was not the right message. I asked his mom, and sure enough, he LOVES riding skateboards! The weather is getting warmer, and he is probably dreaming or riding one!
I thought that was sweet that he decided to share his favorite thing to do, with me~

Friday, January 27, 2012

Communicating with animals is always wonderful, but they do not always want to talk about what you want them to. They share whatever information that they are comfortable sharing, and sometimes it is not what you would expect.
If you have a certain difficulty with your animal, they may very well not be interested in talking about it, so it is best not to go into this expecting a certain outcome.
I recently talked with a deceased pet that decided all she wanted to tell me was that her mom needed to make a scarf! It did turn out that the mother did need to make that scarf, but it was a surprise for me to get that information! She did want her mom to know that she would be back though~